We believe art is about human and divine connection as well as a journey towards the articulation of our truth and persons. Elysian means, "creative, beautiful and divinely inspired." At Elysian, we exist as a home for creation in order that our processes and pieces might inspire and bring wholeness to ourselves and to those that experience the art along with us. Elysian is a place where artists of all mediums are able to be challenged, encourage and collaborate with one another in order to fulfill a vision.  

From installations to choreography to music to fine art, we invite you along with us to discover the renewing work of creation and artistic expression. 

Artists: We exist for your process. We want to be a place where you as an artist feels nurtured,  challenged, inspired, and free to articulate your creative voice. We strive to be both a  support system and catalyst.  We recognize that we as artists need goals and a certain amount of structure in order to grow. We provide structure to inspire and a platform to present. We desire to share the journey of the creative process with you. Contact us if interested in being a participating artist. 

Elysian was founded by Joanna Thatcher and Sarah DeShields  

Email: elysianartcollective@gmail.com.