A Winter Beach in Film

“The person who sees participates in life; the person who merely looks does not”

— Christine Paintner

A few years ago a good man gave me an old 35mm camera that he hasn't used in years. I also let it sit for it's own dusty years on my shelf, hoping one day to get back to shooting film and wondering what secrets the camera held. I finally took it down from it's quiet place over Christmas and put it to use. I have to wonder why I let it sit so long, why I wasn't ready to see with slower eyes. I do love shooting digital, but there is something about film that raises the experience to another level. You take your time, you carefully consider what you see and why you want to capture it. You have no idea if it really worked, and you have to wait a good while to find out. instead of  time spent editing hundreds of almost identical images to pick the right one, you get that 'one' and that one alone, to sit with, in all of its faults and beauty, without an invitation to retouch or change or edit edit edit - it simply 'is'. Shooting film invites into 'being'. What a kind invitation. 

These shots are from boxing day 2014, where a South Carolina Christmas beach invited my children and I into an unusually warm reverie.