Audio (Prepared Piano- Erin Dalton)

For the past three years, I have found myself on the edges of undoing, toeing the lines of new personal musical territory. After years and years of feeling very rigid in my approach to writing, I finally allowed myself to just listen. I wanted to feel the freedom of experimenting without the fear of failure (whatever that means). Would it be okay if I tried this unusual chord progression or, dare I say it, attach objects to the strings inside of my piano and just see what it sounds like?

Looking back to my undergraduate days, as one of those oddball music composition students, John Cage's works for prepared piano had always sparked an interest. I, too, wanted to expand the bounds of what I had previously understood to be the only sounds one could procure from a given instrument. 

I created this piece last summer in my tiny living room with my piano, a field mic and some basic GarageBand effects. My goal in this was to piece together my affinity for simple, chordal harmony with the contrast of the rougher, mechanical-like prepared piano effects.


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