We believe art is about human and divine connection as well as a journey towards the articulation of truth. It is about how our stories and experiences are interwoven with threads unseen and about how one act of artistic expression can unravel, unwind, and reveal with startling beauty and truth. Elysian means, "creative, beautiful and divinely inspired." At Elysian, we exist as a home for creation in order that our processes and pieces might inspire and bring wholeness to ourselves and to those that experience the art along with us. Elysian is a place where artists of all mediums are able to be challenged by each other yet encourage and collaborate in order to meet a more ideal end to a specific vision. Participants may come and go as inspiration and skill sets meet those collective goals. 

From installations to choreography and music, from fine art to commercial work, we invite you along with us to discover the renewing work of creation and artistic expression. 

Elysian was founded by Joanna Ahlman and Sarah DeShields.